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About CTX Club CTX Club or California Trade Exchange Club, is a network of business owners who help each other prosper by trading products and services within our private network to increase business and reduce cash expenditures.
Welcome to your cashless community.

Mission - Vision

Trading Partners

Health & Alternative Medicines

Dentist, Eye Doctors, Therapist, Psychology, Naturopath, Hypnotist, Yoga, Chiropractor

Automobile Services

Repairs, Maintenance, Auto Body, Detailing, Tune Ups, Oil Change, Brakes

Media & Advertising

Marketing Support, Websites, SEO, TV, Radio, Print Advertising, Audio Video, Promotions

Animal Care

Veterinary, Grooming, Boarding, Dog Walking, Animal Hospital

Entertainment & Travel

Hotels, Private Condos, Resorts, Restaurants, Entertainment

Business Services

Attorneys, Accounting, Printing, PC Support, Pest Control, Handyman Services

Party Services

Catering, Florists, Party Rentals, Photographers, Limo, Disk Jockeys, Entertainers

Health & Beauty

Beauty Salons, Health Clubs, Tattoo Parlors, Nail Services, Trainers, Facials, Massage

As a restaurant owner, you are running an operation with narrow margins. CTX Club will provide you with marketing, advertising tools you can purchase with your CTX Dollars. We also have menu printing, carpet cleaning, pest control and other services to minimize your cash expenses: And now you can pay for these services with your empty tables.

How the program works:

  • You can use our Digital scrip or certificates
  • Sales tax and tips are in cash, saving on credit card processing fees
  • Reward your staff and best customers using your CTX Dollars


Target Customers

How many new customers can you take? What are the areas you want to spend in the network? Use your CTX Club Dollars to buy and start improving on your cash flow.

Marketing Your Business

CTX Club will promote your business within our B2B network, through Networking events, E-mail Blasts Online marketplace and personal Brokering services.

Record Keeping

CTX Club acts as a third-party records keeper, providing monthly statements to clients, which reflects all trade purchases, sales, and current trade dollar balance. CTX will provide your company with a 1099B at the end of the year, reflecting sales in our network.

Online Technology

CTX Club uses a Powerful and Flexible Software platform offering easy transaction on your cellphone. Our On-Line Software offers trading platform with your trading partners in your network of B2B owners.

Member Logistics

As a member ($395 sign up), CTX Club starts working for you and you only pay a 12.5% commission fee once we help you spend. Monthly fees are $12.50 cash & $12.50 trade.
We also have an Affiliate program well worth looking into.


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201 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 200
Glendale CA 91203

Tel: (323) 554-0099